When you’re young, everyone tells you who you are and what to do. When you’re in music, everyone tells you what you are and what you should do. Being young AND a musician? Fuck that. All the same, that’s what we all have in Tommy 2000; the wizkid from Durham, one of dance music’s greatContinue reading “WHO THE HELL IS TOMMY 2000?!”

Once Upon a Time on SoundCloud: The KETTAMA Fairytale

The calendar has just flipped over to April. The Claddagh’s latest set of baby ducks are hopping in for one of the first swims of their lives while their parents and the neighbouring swans watch over the night-time inlet of the River Corrib. Just overlooking them, a 1989 maroon 318i BMW is parked outside theContinue reading “Once Upon a Time on SoundCloud: The KETTAMA Fairytale”

(The Other) G-Town’s finest: Big Miz

Having thought the fall from grace had been complete having to ask my Mam to come back in 5 minutes while I was conducting the interview previous to this, I was mistaken. Due to a bad internet connection, Chris [Miz] had thought it better to ring without the help of the internet. That prompted meContinue reading “(The Other) G-Town’s finest: Big Miz”

Brizzy boys on top; Welcome to X CLUB.

Despite not being the first interviewees for the blog, it felt fitting to kick it all off with two chiefs on the other side of the world who feel like the original VSN duo if we were 12 hours ahead and a bit more tanned. The Brisbane-based pairing of Benedict Clarke and Jesse Morath; XContinue reading “Brizzy boys on top; Welcome to X CLUB.”