Start Credits

VSN WORLD 4 A BETTER WORLD wouldn’t have been at all possible without the contributions from all our esteemed producers that provided the tracks everyone’s raging about at the minute.

Music is all fun and games (to some) but to others it’s a livelihood and a coping mechanism. The cruel nature of the pandemic has unfortunately hit the music community unprecedentedly harder than most other industries. With that being said, everyone was more than willing to help out and contribute to something that was about much more than release schedules and media campaigns, but the greater good and helping those less fortunate than us, even if we may not feel at all like a terribly fortunate bunch at the minute.

So with that, we kick off our introductions and thanks to everyone involved in sculpting this edition of the world of VSN.

You can pre-order the Compilation here.


Based: Galway

Where I First Heard: Working in Schuh at the time, I was getting shoes on the top floor of the stockroom (where they kept the men’s shoes in case anyone’s curious), and Dónal Seoighe was there as he worked the stockroom at the time, while I was on the shop floor. You’d always have a word or two to whoever would be in there, be it Dónal, Eric or Pa, so we were chatting about how Evan had started making tunes as he’d asked me if I’d heard any. “Yeah, one or two, they’re not bad”.

A couple of months later we’re paired together to play Carbon’s infamous Der Kesselraum every Saturday night and that’s exactly where VSN kicked off; an idea to get people into the club on Eglington Street on Saturday nights after a January that was particularly quiet. We thought we’d really ‘made it’ when we got booked for a gig in Dublin about a year later, so to release something like this under the same umbrella (if you know you know), is really something very cool that neither of us could’ve ever thought of, yet here we are.

Tommy Holohan

Based: Rush

Where I First Heard: Similarly to Evan, I was in Schuh at the time, but a couple of months after the above memory. I’d been sending FOUR FOUR and District Mag some bits I was writing at the time and basically Tommy was loosely assigned to handling my correspondence. I spotted in his Insta bio that he had an EP out on his Soundcloud (That’s long been stored away in the archive) called ‘Tapes From Rogerstown’. So again, I’m now on the first floor of the stockroom (Where they keep the frequent selling shoes like Converse, if you’re wondering), and I listen to ‘Fear and Loathing in North Dublin’ really quickly and to this day I stand by that as a sick track. Anyway, fast forward a bit and I’ve met Tommy at the first District Mag launch and he was a sound feen so me and Evan later go see him play in Hangar (Which is still probably the most important clubbing experience of my life).

I’m hassling Carbon’s head of programming to book this guy for the mainfloor and eventually after months of insisting on doing it, we get the go ahead on a Tuesday night. Sell out the whole club on VSN’s first big night with what would become a big guest. No looking back then. Since, Tommy’s obviously become a lil techno superstar and we’ve played loads of shows together both for VSN and around the country too, so again, Schuh stockroom has a lot of sway in the grand scheme of things.


Based: Paris via Marseille, via Paris

Where I First Heard: Having been a Broadcast Assistant for about a month at this stage in the summer of 2018, I eventually got chatting regularly to Mael, who had brilliant english, which made it easier to practice French with since you could bounce things off him. Standing outside the door one day we got onto the topic of his ‘You Cool LA’ alias where he’d had some success via YouTube/Soundcloud. The first track was ‘Feelin In Love’ which is a super efficace house track as they say en France.

Mael is the ultimate house guru with the voice and style to match. I don’t there’s very many people out there with more of a heart of gold and a love for music like the man from Marseille and he stands among very few holding honorary Galway citizenship (as granted by the lords of G TOWN). Alongside our own Paddy Hogan, who shared the decks with aes in a storied b2b that will surely be resumed in a post Covid world, Mael is up there as a trusted keeper of the true house music spirit, with both of us having witnessed and been blown away by some of the genre’s real legends like Larry Heard and John Daly doing bits across both Paris and Galway.


Based: Brisbane

Where I First Heard: One of those days in Galway where there’s nothing at all to do and it’s miserable out so I ended up going to Block D at the college (NUIG) to just sit at the computers (I’d been finished my degree for about 5 months at this stage). Ended up on a deep dive on Bandcamp and stumbled upon their ‘SCUM’ EP, which has the track ‘You’re Not On The List’. I couldn’t stop listening to it for months and eventually felt like it really got its due play on my end when I gave it a spin in the new D8 in December 2019 (If ever there was a tune built for a room it may be that).

It feels like yesterday, but Evan ended up playing a gig with them down in Australia at the beginning of 2020 and was quick to report that we basically had doppelgangers in them on the other side of the world. They absolutely champion for Brisbane like we do for Galway and many of the Brizzy artist’s contributions on VSN World are 100% down to links set up by Jesse and Ben, who are absolute stalwarts in every single DJ set and Radio Show I’m ever going to do. They also contributed as solo artists too on this with their tracks as Jesse Patrick and NORA DRUM too! Fully two sound lads that’re unbelievable at making tunes that have a world of fans waiting to hear them in the flesh.


Based: New York via Philadelphia

Where I First Heard: Rather than some story about hearing one of the many early Baltra classics like ‘Untitled (B)’ or ‘Never Let Go Of Me’ while I was in college, there’s the much more entertaining one of our first encounter way back in 2016 when I took a chance and asked if he’d do an interview for SNoodS AM. He said yes and I met him at the Connaught Hotel for a chat that I’d never forget. Paddy Hogan and Dylan Thomas had booked him to play their WUA night in Factory for Rag week so it was handy to know the promoters and then be able to convene with the artist themselves as to what time would be handy to meet and chat. We end recording a godly conversation and really hit it off, little did I know Michael would then rock up to Electric on one of the rowdiest nights in the Galway counter and absolutely emotionally shell the room, all while clad in a pair of TNs while drinking red wine; upending the room when he slipped ‘O’Neal’ into his set.

We played a set of gigs together in Galway, Limerick and Dublin in 2018 and really solidified our friendship revolving around Allen Iverson and The Rights to Ricky Sanchez podcast since Mike is originally from the city of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia (Which actually makes a lot of sense, since he is the nicest person on earth). Later, we linked up again in Paris and he linked me with Aurore (Miley Serious) along with just being there as someone I knew in a place where I knew very little.


Based: Galway

Where I First Heard: Since I’d been in school with both Jake Tiernan and Colm Sweeney and would regularly bump into future frontman and drip lord Calum Mitchell in Carbon, I’d obviously been aware that they’d been around a little while, however I will put my hand up and say that I had slept on them as I’d never gotten around to actually listening. On a drive out to Charlie Byrne(Yes, the bookshop man)’s house, we stuck ‘Moving Forward’ on in the car and I felt like an idiot for not having listened earlier.

The past year has been monumental for them, with single after single compelling audiences with their fresh and authentic take on punk offering yet another avenue to new music coming out of Ireland right now, not to mention the fact that everyone in the band (also shouts to pretty boy Luke Mulliez and Cillian Ryan) is incredibly sound and down to earth makes them one of the best on the go right now.

Matt Finnegan

Based: Dublin

Where I First Heard: Like I lot of people I heard of Matt first through his affiliations with Soft Boy Records, but I can’t quite put my finger on whether I had fully gone and listened to anything of his at that point. What I do remember however is listening to his ‘oort’ track that came out on an Object Of Desire release in 2018. I’d say I creeped him out to be honest by how hyped I was about the track (That goes for 90% of the producers on this list I reckon too), but at the time I was really into deeper/DVS1-style techno.

Time went on and Matt has flexed his production muscles in a variety of ways since, so I was really glad to have him on here as he is most definitely slept on when it comes to Irish producers at the minute and in my opinion it’s because he doesn’t stick to rules of being a ‘techno producer’ or a producer of any singular genre at all for that matter, but the future is bright for him no doubt; solely going off the bundles of unreleased he has kindly passed my way in the past month.


Based: Dublin

Where I First Heard: There are a chosen few that have had the pleasure of hearing Tadhg’s debut mash up of Ejeca – Jalek with Mr. Crabs from Spongebob while wrapped in a blanket in the early hours of the morning on his couch in Rathmines. Moving cans out of the way on the table so you can put your feet up while smoke hangs in the air to the sound of Mr. Crabs saying ‘BEEP BEEP BOOP’ is indeed as unique an experience as it sounds.

Hearing Tadhg’s Burnout stuff for the first time over lockdown was a massive lift, as I was in a particularly crappy place back then in mid 2020. I closed a Rinse Show with a track of his featuring a Beyoncé sample and a couple of people were pretty quick to ask for the ID. Cue the Childish Gambino vocal on ‘Wanted You To Know’ and people have been BEGGING for it.

Having a place to put Tadhg’s music is probably my favourite thing about this whole process, as from the minute he asked me to sit with him on the kerb in Hangar’s smoking area when neither of us knew who the other was really, he’s been one of my best friends. Tadhg is the embodiment of someone who lives for dance music and the buzz of being in a club on a night out, and anyone that’s worth their salt that’s attended/ran a clubnight in Dublin would tell you the same.

Mall Grab

Based: London via Newcastle

Where I First Heard: During my first (AND HISTORIC) encounter with Dylan Thomas (AKA Dylan Burke AKA the mastermind of all G TOWN activity far and wide), we were in the Flirt FM studios doing my show then – say 2016 or 2017. He was picking tracks for the show and told me about this Australian guy making sick house tracks, pointing out ‘I’ve Always Liked Grime’ as a fave track given the video was quite gas.

I tried to interview MG prior to his gig in Electric (in Factory(!)) when Dylan and Paddy later booked him for their night WUA but it fell through, but I made sure to keep a close eye on him after (like most Irish people my age obviously). Fast forward a year or two and myself and Evan end up supporting him in Carbon, which ended up being a god tier night for many reasons, not only because Ev gave Jordon a USB full of KETTAMA tracks and – we all seen how that turned out!


Based: New York via Serbia

Where I First Heard: My earliest memory of X-Coast was the first time we’d booked Tommy to play in Galway the day I finished summer exams in 2017. We’d gotten him his artist’s meal (in McDonald’s) and a makeshift rider in Spar on Mainguard Street and then headed back to my house in Gleann Dara. It was a serious day in May and the good vibes were throughout the city, so Tommy had just connected to the speaker playing ‘Mango Bay’, he then sat in the chair in the corner of the room and it completely fell apart under him and left me staring at the first act we’d ever booked on his ass in my sitting room (While Evan Fahy was cutting someone’s hair in the kitchen); all while the pianos in X-Coast’s tune are enjoying their perfect marriage with the May sun coming through the sitting room window.

I ended up playing a gig with the man himself in Button Factory and he actually played Tommy’s remix of Bailando while we were both there which weirdly felt like a full circle moment to that particular story for me. Bojan is a legend of dance music and has the hair and drip to match it every step of the way.


Based: Cork

Where I First Heard: This one is sort of similar to Matt Finnegan in terms of being aware of the Corkonian via Soft Boy but not having a specific memory as to which track of when in particular. With that being said, you’d be very hard pressed to find anyone that’s a real hip hop fan in Ireland (and beyond) that isn’t at least somewhat aware of the producer that has been behind some of the island’s best music in the past couple of years.

It was a real pleasure to have him on and to get something else that really strayed away from electronic music conventions to add some depth to the VA!

Ghetto 25

Based: Marseille

Where I First Heard: Staying in Fontenay-aux-Roses in August 2018, there wasn’t a soul that I knew in Paris that wasn’t on holiday and the radio station was on a two week break, so I essentially was stuck in the French capital with 0 to do for two straight weeks. It was some time between 2 and 6am and I was scrolling aimlessly through a promo list I’d been added to from writing with FOUR FOUR. I come across ‘If ur a dj! suck my dick bitch (A.C.A.B.)’, which is up there as one of the most turbo titles for a track ever. It turns out that Aurore was quite a fan of theirs too and we both kind of geeked out about them for a little while.

I later started following the Marseille boys on Instagram and quickly loved their undying devotion to Olympique Marseille and more general football culture. Our shared passion for Kylian Mbappé and Diego Maradona is a serious, deep rooted bonding topic.


Based: Berlin

Where I First Heard: Like a good chunk of young Irish techno heads (that is a very wide bunch but we move), the first time I heard of Cressida was on Monnom Black’s ‘The World of Monnom Black’ compilation (I just realised the similarities between this and that now, but it’s too late to change anything). Tommy had a track on it at the time, and later ended up playing b2b with Cressida at an NYE gig in Amsterdam. In any case, the link I have to this is that I’d actually interviewd Dax J for District Mag some time before the VA came out so we’d previously been intro-ed over the phone. I’m in a final year French lecture with my phone between my legs and I get a DM off Dax J asking for my email, which to me was just an insane thing to happen at the time. He ended up sending me on the entire VA in order to cover it for FOUR FOUR, so I got a first play of Cressida’s ‘Liquid Zoo’, which Dax later described to me as ‘One of the scariest techno tracks’ after his penultimate District 8 show in the old Tivoli Theatre.

After that I’d been really keeping an eye out for Cressida and all of his stuff since has really hit the spot, having released multiple EPs on Berlin label Voitax, that all go across a whole range of genres. It was also very sick to have him on my Rinse show, which he was very sound to do since he had just guested on Tasha’s show on Rinse FM, but Jenagen is an absolute top fella who is also certified as a funny person.

DJ Haus

Based: London

Where I First Heard: Middle floor in NUIG’s library, I was studying for either Christmas or Summer exams and was stuck for something to listen to while I was doing so. Ended up finding Haus’ first b2b with Mall Grab on Rinse FM and it’s probably still my GO TO mix if I’m really stuck. The excitement that followed once I started digging through the Unknown To The Unknown catalogue has never been matched nor has the hype surrounding Haus’ Rinse shows when I was in college. I distinctly remember having to phonetically spell some track IDs in my Notes app while listening on the way home to Gleann Dara after lectures and soon after trying not to play the same sets as him when myself and Evan would be playing on Saturday nights.

Having the opportunity to go on Rupert’s show in London with Evan is still undoubtedly the high point of my whole ‘career’ and to meet the man himself and fully see his passion for music in the flesh was so sick, so it’s a high honour to have him on the compilation itself. Fun fact, he was in the stadium when Eric Cantona kicked a Crystal Palace fan.

Unity Surrender

Based: Galway

Where I First Heard: Unity Surrender is the alias of none other than John Daly, one of house music’s all time great producers, and no doubt one of Galway’s most treasured residents. The first time I heard John was a day I called out to Moycullen to interview Paddy Hogan for SNoodS AM (RIP), after which we had a mix in Paddy’s shed. He had been doing MOVE with John in Electric for a little while by then and he was insistent on showing me the Cork native’s seriously raw deep house stuff. I felt embarrassed that I didn’t know it already and made sure to make up for lost time to listen to his back catalogue straight away after I got home.

The first time I met John was in Biteclub to interview him for a promo piece on behalf of the club for the MOVE residency’s birthday. I was actually going thorugh a super rough time that sort of came to a head right before and unbeknownst to John he ended up giving me some of the best advice that I really needed to hear there and then. Another great encounter was only recently when I was again feeling particularly moody and happened to bump into him while walking through the estates in Salthill. John, wearing a Master of Puppets Metallica tee, was his usual chatty self and again made my day, probably none the wiser.

Anyone that’s had the pleasure of witnessing him smack Revolution 909 into an unassuming track in the club is someone that’s fully witnessed greatness before their eyes and ears.

Poly Chain

Based: Kyiv

Where I First Heard: Another one of these that I can’t fully put my finger on but I can trace it back to none other than Luca Martinez, myself and Poly Chain’s agent. It wasn’t long after Luca had taken me on that she’d sent me some promos and to be honest, I almost immediately got imposter syndrome since all her stuff sounded so fresh and futuristic.

It was sick to have her on the compilation and she came through with a raw electro track that really harks back to underwater, Drexcyian vibes from the off.


Based: Berlin

Where I First Heard: Driving by the cathedral in Evan’s car on a particularly sunny day; there’s rays bouncing off the canal past Ward’s and we’ve the windows down with ‘Force Of Pleasure’ pumping through the speakers. That was the first time I’d heard of NIKK, but in earnest the best NIKK memory I have is being in the Rinse studio with Ev and DJ Haus, when the latter spun NIKK’s remix of one of his forthcoming Dancetrax tunes. That type of techno sits right between myself and Evan’s taste in electronic music so it instantly struck a chord with both of us; with our literal hero standing in between us just as hyped about the track as we were.

NIKK is no doubt one to watch across both house and techno and it was a pleasure to both have him on the VA and also on my Rinse France show towards the end of last year.


Based: Dublin

Where I First Heard: Subconsciously, I must’ve heard Prozak one way or another throughout the summer of 2019 as I think I listened to at least one Conducta mix a day while playing FIFA/NBA with the lads (Which seemed to be all that happened that summer in my head for some reason). I first listened with INTENT when the Kiwi Kup was ongoing and he made it to the final where he really seemed to turn heads, not only amongst the UKG heads, but also the producer heads in Ireland that were taken aback by someone who wasn’t making the more ‘traditional’ electronic genres we’re used to hearing from Dublin heads.

If Mathman is the godfather of Dublin garage (If such a title didn’t exist, it does now), Prozak is most definitely the heir to the throne, with a hype train to match. Despite his love for Manchester United, we share an equal admiration for Juventus, so to that I will toast. Till we meet on the pitch.


Based: Galway

Where I First Heard: This is kind of similar to Turnstiles, not for the sole fact that they’re a band from Galway, but that I’d been aware of them but foolishly slept on them for far longer than I should’ve. Again, I felt that wave of stupidity wash right over me after about a minute or two of listening to their stuff on Spotify. It’s great to see their super fresh approach get plaudits from all over the globe including NME, BBC and more, so to have them on here right as their takeoff begins in earnest is an honour, as I’m not alone in thinking that Newdad are going to be a household name in the future.

In any case, up Shantalla, forever and always.

Ron Elliot

Based: Amsterdam via Dublin

Where I First Heard: I assume like a lot of people I’d first heard Gareth’s productions when he was still based in Dublin and heavily associated with Hangar and his collective Shed Sessions. He’d always put up funny stuff messing with vocoders and synths, but as someone with a massive knowledge and passion for music you could always tell he was going to go down a proper serious route with production at some point or another.

On a personal note, Gareth is really someone that, in my opinion, has never gotten the props he has deserved over the years for lots of his work in shaping the Dublin club community, not that he was a pillar of one specific thing or the other, but the energy he put into covering club culture and the energy he always put into promotion and DJing is unmatched still. For me, I arrived in Dublin as a very naive 18 year old; very much over eager but also equally awkward, yet Gareth also made me feel at home many times when people definitely would’ve been forgiven for not being arsed taking the extra minute or two to chat to me. This may sound a bit heavy, but I really do owe Gareth a lot as it wasn’t for him just being his sound self at key times in my life, I definitely wouldn’t have felt as comfortable doing lots of stuff that snowballed from the opportunities I got around then. Hat tip my friend.

Conor Ostheimer

Based: Galway

Where I First Seen: I was booked to play in the Boat Club in Woodquay some time in 2018 I think, and I remember sitting chatting at the front desk before my set and there was a stack of flyers that were so sick and authentically ravey looking. I asked who’d designed them and it turned out that it was Conor who was actually a part of the collective running the night.

He’s designed every VSN poster since then as well as working with me on doing some t-shirt designs, all while also hooking up the Turnstiles with album art and merch designs too, not to mention Newdad too!

Conor is an unsung hero when it comes to his ingenuitive ideas and his ability to make even my most stale idea fresh looking on paper or on the screen. He is also a sick DJ and an incredibly handsome man, just ask anyone who is blessed with the sight of him on his bike along the canal in the summer time.


Based: London

Where I First Heard: I was in Edinburgh for a weekend in 2018 and had been following this nightclub there called the Mash House for months prior to that – I don’t really know why – and seen that a night called Shapework was celebrating a birthday with Hemlock recordings boss Untold as the headliner on the night. TO THIS DAY it’s been the only ‘like and share’ competition I’ve ever entered and I won, earning me a rake of Shapework posters (Which have been with me in about 5 different houses now), a t-shirt and guestlist etc.

I kept in touch with George, who was going by the alias CRIMZON at the time, and actually played a couple of his tracks on my debut set on Rinse France back in the day. Fun fact; We share a very strange fondness towards that Portsmouth team that won the Carling Cup way back when. In all seriousness, it was great to finally give Leeway some sort of platform as he’s a really unique and talented producer that deserves a lot more spotlight shone his way!


Based: Glasgow

Where I First Heard: I was in my (very small) house/flat along the canal at the time and stumbled upon her HMT Hard Crew mix, which I would really recommend everyone to listen to as it’s up there with the greats.

Later on when we opened Pleasure records we got some of her white label DABJ/Neutralizer EPs in, which ended up eventually leading me further down her release catalogue. An emotional jungle track was the last thing I expected from her, but it was probably the pleasantest surprise across all the tracks as it’s well known as the greatest genre on earth.

Tommy 2000

Based: Durham

Where I First Heard: Evan’s car is a good breeding ground for hype surrounding new artists and it’s definitely where we’ve both come to love the prodigy from Durham. He’d told me this fella off of Instagram had sent him tunes and that I needed to listen, so we did in the car and all I could say was holy shit. It’s really hard to fully grasp how talented this kid is without sounding like an out and out fanboy, but the future is really bright for him and having ‘Thunderbird’ as a VSN showpiece really is an honour for me as the compiler of all of this. The night he sent it to me I walked cross town to meet my girlfriend and had the track on repeat for the best part of the 40 minute journey.

It’ll be a cold day in hell before Tommy 2000 isn’t a mainstay in a Shampain DJ set and that’s on that.

Mutant Joe

Based: Brisbane

Where I First Heard: For the life of me, I can’t remember exactly when or where I first heard Mutant Joe, but it must’ve been through Miley Serious’ Rinse shows. In any case, I’d been really plugged into all of his stuff, since his productions ticked almost every genre that I’m really into, with his ‘Sacred’ track hitting different on a level.

The X Club boys also bigged him up to me massively when we spoke for their VSN WORLD interview last summer as I hadn’t realised he was from Brisbane as well as the boys. Joe, in my opinion, is going to go insanely far in the future as his stuff is on a crazily unique wavelength and there is no genre that he can’t tackle (although there seems to be something in the Brisbane water that makes them all a bit like that).

Major Grave

Based: Dublin

Where I First Heard: I first heard of Major Grave when I was living in Dublin and he asked me to guest on his Raidió Na Life show after he’d heard a very old (AND ARCHIVED) mix I’d done which was 100% made up of Irish rap tracks. If I’m not mistaken (But I could be so please call me out if I am), MG and Bobby Basil linked up because he’d heard myself and Bobstar’s interview on SNoodS AM.

Anyway, whether that’s true or not, in my own head I felt like a Shampain X Major Grave link up was well overdue as he is truly an OG when it comes to instrumental grime and dubstep, and still undoubtedly one of the most unique artists going when it comes to either genre.


Based: Brisbane

Where I First Heard: Defintely through Mall Grab’s Rinse FM show prior to Stacey’s release on Steel City Dance Discs. The first time, however, that I’d actively gone and listened to the Brizzy whizz’s stuff was again after chatting with Jesse and Ben last summer. They repeatedly kept shouting him out as the one to watch and also plugged his upcoming SCDD release.

His track on the compilation is definitely up there as potentially my favourite, but I don’t want to outright say it and upset everyone else on here, but Sam’s massive hoop earrings alone should earn him the top spot, although this is coming from the biased point of view of a fellow hoop enthusiast.


Based: Galway

Where I First Heard: I’ve known Calum around town since I was about 15 or so. I’d never really heard anything about him making tracks at all up until last year when I found his ‘Desire’ track which had about a quarter of a million streams on Spotify. Proper Carbon vibes off that tune, in the best way.

Later he released his Machine Learning EP which really stood out as a statement release as well as a spot on Clippart too. It’s sick how determined Calum is to push his production capabilities, all while keeping his head down, so to say, and not getting very caught up in what looks good or bad/what box he fits into. ‘Vinz’ is the perfect outro track and pays homage to our shared love for La Haine, and also handy to open and close the VA with tracks from G Town artists.


Based: Liverpool

Where I First Heard: Around the 3rd quarter of last year loads of Irish rappers were teasing the East Coast all stars remix of GodKnows’ track ‘Who’s Askin’. From the clips the instrumental sounded so so sick to me and I was really into it and played it on my Rinse show that month. Later, Mango and Mathman released a remix EP of their album and the SertOne joint on there was, again, a standout track for me. I then put the pieces together in my head and realised he’d produced that first instrumental too.

Quickly, I headed onto his Soundcloud and the urge to listen to all his music at once came over me, since he blends the harshest UK sounds from grime, garage, dubstep and jungle all together and somehow makes it sound so so fresh and cohesive. Was very delighted to later have him in the mix on my Rinse show and to share the airwaves with a fellow Liverpool fan!

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